Our Client's Opinions

Jonathan Lord noted of his experience:

"Captain Bill is a tremendous sailor and an even better instructor. I came
to his cruising course with some experience, but was blown away by the
amount of information he taught me, and how much of it is sticking with me.
He tells great stories based on his experience and the experience of his
sailing buddies that serve as very funny cautionary tales that also help
contextualize all the knowledge you're taking in and make it stick. I am
very excited to have learned crucial navigation, radio and anchoring skills
from Bill, but more than that, I was pleased at how much time we got to
spent learning by doing. Bill is very generous with his boat and gave us
every opportunity to take the helm and learn by experiencing. By the end of
the weekend, Dreamcatcher felt like home. Thanks to Bill, I am a more
competent and confident sailor."

From Russ Hensel:

Navigation course:

Captain Bill's navigation course was presented in just the right way for me to learn.  We started the day with easy navigational concepts in the classroom and before I knew it, we were plotting courses for a day sail on the Chesapeake!  We checked our work, corrected the errors we made and pushed out of the slip.  We spent an incredible day on the bay following our courses, learning how to take sightings, plotting our actual positions on the chart and adjusting course to arrive at our numerous destinations.  I would highly recommend this course to all sailors and their sailing partners.  It's a great way to spend the day learning with someone you care for!

Personal Sailing Instructions on Your Boat:

I had been doing too much "dock sailing" and I needed help regaining my confidence especially with handling my boat in the marina.  I have a shoal keel boat which is notoriously difficult to handle while backing into my slip.  Within a couple of hours, Captain Bill had me motoring in reverse all over the marina.  To the fuel dock, the pump-out station, then in and out of my slip!  And if that wasn't miraculous enough; by the end of the weekend, Captain Bill had me confidently single handling my boat!  Captain Bill provided the training and exercises that set me free from the dock and allowed me to start enjoying my boat again!


Retired Marine

Retired Marine Corps Aviator - "If Bill can teach me, he can teach anyone!"


From Patrick Webster, USCG Master Licensed Captain (ret.)

I have sailed with Captain Bill on many occasions.  Given that I have always been a "motor head", I needed all the help I can get handling sailing vessels.  Captain Bill has instructed me on everything from small day sailors to his 42 ft. DreamCatcher. His approach to teaching is both practical and unique to each individual.  He doesn't mess around, and at the same time, he possesses a unique ability to patiently teach students at their own pace based on individual skill level.  I highly recommend DreamCatcher Charters if you are looking for a hands on course that will actually teach you how to safely and effectively sail a boat of any size.


Michael “Terry” Shiflet
Holiday Hill Marina
3910 Calawasse Rd
Pier 3 Slip 30
Edgewater, MD 21037
In March of 2012, having no knowledge of or experience in sailing, I purchased a 34 O’Day and moved aboard. Then came the interesting part, what to do with this very tall, very deep mass of rigging and apparatus that I didn’t even have names for. I met Captain Bill Ganzer and he took on the task of teaching this absolute novice. From the beginning with the class instruction to learning the basics of sailing aboard the Dream Catcher and then aboard my on vessel to make me comfortable in it’s operation. All I can say is, task completed, job well done. I now have a level of confidence that allows me to leave the pier and get out and enjoy this “Land of Pleasant Living.” After the fact Captain Bill has always been there to answer any questions that may arise.
Thank you Capt. Bill