Thinking of a Sail Boat Purchase?

If you are considering buying a Sail Boat, before you do contact us for assistance. We are not Marine Surveyors nor do we advertise as such. We are however, a seasoned and skilled group of Sailors. We would be happy to meet and discuss with you, your plans, ambitions and desires. With you, we will then go over and examine that vessel you may be considering buying for that long time of adventure. In just 4 to 6 hours or less even, we can tell you whether it might be worth the next step to move forward to obtain and get a Certified Marine Surveyor to conduct a full purchase and insurance survey of your proposed purchase. Or, we may recommend you look at other boats. Our cost is low ($250.00), but our end product: our input and experience, could save you thousands of dollars in the end. We will give you our input. but the final decision is ultimately yours.